Finity IT sets itself apart from the competition by focusing on a desired outcome through innovative solutions to real business problems. Our IT and management consulting services focus on helping our customers continue to evolve through innovation.


Plan – The planning stage is one of the most important stages. Our consultants work with our customers to truly understand the business problem. Once the problem is understood, the solution is obvious. Neglect during the planning stage usually leads to not understanding the problem and complex solutions that don’t really solve the problem.

Adapt – During the planning stage we will identify industry “best practices” and technology leaders, which can provide a viable solution to the business problem. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by adapting these industry “best practices” and technology leaders to the customer, instead of adopting. We have found that there is no set of off the shelve solutions to every problem. There is often a slight gap. Our competitors will try to fill that gap by forcing the customer to adopt a 100% off the shelve solution, which often neglects to take the customers “best practices” and technology into consideration. By adapting, we take what will work best to solve each customer’s unique business problem.

Innovate – Innovation fills the gap between industry “best practices” and off the shelve technology solutions. Since our consultants understand the business problem, customer “best practices”, industry “best practices”, and technology, we are able to fill the gap with innovative solutions to solve the business problem.

Secure – Securing the customers infrastructure, data, and intellectual property is always at the top of our radar. Throughout the evolution lifecycle we work with our customers to ensure the right policies, processes, procedures, technologies, and continuous monitoring are in place to minimize the risk of a cyber-attack or insider threat. Protecting against Cyber-Attacks and Insider Threats are a continuous challenge for most organizations. Focusing on security throughout the lifecycle helps ensure our customers minimize any potential vulnerabilities.

Manage – Our core focus is helping our customers find innovative solutions to real business problems. However, we understand that in order for a solution to be effective it must be properly managed. Our goal during the manage stage is to teach our customers how-to effectively and efficiently manage the innovative solutions that are put in place. This helps our customers become self-sufficient, increases long term sustainability, and allows us to move into helping our customers with their next business problem.

Evolve – Our goal is to help our customers evolve over time. We understand evolution is a slow continuous process. By focusing on innovative solutions to business problems, we help our customers to continually evolve.


What differentiates Finity IT from the competition? There answer is simple, we focus on providing a desired outcome, while our competitors focus on just providing products and services. This allows us to look at the big picture and put the appropriate products and services in place, which ensures a successful outcome and continuous evolution.


In order to work through the evolution lifecycle with our customers we focus on the following core service areas:

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